Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis Stories

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One thing that can help is knowing that there are others out there facing the same diagnosis you are, and to learn how they cope and what their experience of pancreatic cancer has been. Here we bring you a collection of people in the UK who are pancreatic cancer patients living with and sometimes beyond pancreatic .Real life stories. In this section you will find real life stories from people affected by pancreatic cancer. These stories provide examples of how people are diagnosed, the treatment they have, their experiences and how they take care of themselves..Read stories from pancreatic cancer survivors. At CTCA, many of our pancreatic cancer patients have decided to share their personal stories of hope and healing..Dale Haskell. “Pancreatic Cancer My Story” By Dale Haskell December . Vital Statistics. Dale Haskell was diagnosed with ampullary pancreatic cancer in December , at the age of . The tumor was . . cm and grew over the ampullary duct area the place where the combined bile duct and pancreatic duct .

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