Mesothelioma Financial Assistance


Mesothelioma Victims Services

Cancer can be a heavy economic burden on both the patient and their family. A portion of the medical expense may be covered by a health insurance plan, but for individuals without insurance or who need assistance there are many resources available. Government sponsored programs and voluntary organizations can help these individuals.

If the cancer patient is in need for assistance, it’s important to discuss these concerns with the physician, medical social worker, or the hospital business administration. Organizations such as the American Cancer Institute ( can help with additional information for local offices that may be able to reimburse for expenses related to the cancer treatment. The AVONCares Program ( ) offers assistance to low-income, under-insured, and uninsured women throughout the country. Local agencies such as church organizations, Salvation Army, Lions Club, Lutheran Social Services, Jewish Social Services, and Catholic Charities can also be found in the local phone directory.

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