Is Bone Cancer Hereditary


Most of those cases are caused by a mutation of the p tumor suppressor gene, but some are caused by mutations in the gene CHEK. Another syndrome that includes bone cancer is the Rothmund Thomson syndrome. Children with this syndrome are short, have skeletal problems, and rashes. They also .Most bone cancers are not caused by an inherited faulty gene, but people with certain genetic conditions have an increased risk of developing bone cancer. People who have an inherited condition called Li Fraumeni syndrome have an increased risk of developing osteosarcoma. Children who have retinoblastoma, a rare .Bone cancer risk factors. GENETICS. Genetic disorders There are several hereditary syndromes caused by mutations in specific enes that are considered risk factors for bone cancer Li Fraumeni syndrome, Rothmund Thompson syndrome and mutation of the retinoblastoma gene associated with a rare eye cancer have .Early detection offers the best hope for successful treatment, so people with known risk factors are encouraged to visit the doctor regularly and discuss their personal risk for developing bone cancer. This includes people with Li Fraumeni syndrome, retinoblastoma, or other conditions in which sarcomas are inherited..

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