Brain Cancer Stage 4

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ON THIS PAGE You will learn about how doctors describe a brain tumor s growth or spread. This is called the grade. You will Grade IV. A grade IV tumor is usually glioblastoma. Cells in the tumor are actively dividing. In addition, the tumor has blood vessel growth and areas of dead tissue. Age of patient. In adults, the age .Glioblastoma. Glioblastoma is the most common high grade cancerous primary brain tumour in adults. Glioblastoma belongs to a group of brain tumours known as gliomas as it grows from a type of brain cell called a glial cell. Glioblastomas are grade , as they are fast growing and likely to spread. There are different types .The National Cancer Institute estimates that in , doctors will diagnose , people in the United States with a brain tumor. These brain tumors can be benign or malignant. If a patient has a cancerous brain tumor, the cancer receives a grade ranging from I to IV based on its malignancy..Re Brain cancer Glioblastoma grade . Yes,I can relate to your situation. I too have Glioblastoma, mine is stage , and is located on the occipital lobe which controls your vision. I had my operation on Aug st, where they got of the tumor. I completed weeks of radiation along with chemo during the same time frame..

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